Rapid Organic Fertilizer Transforming Technology, ROFT

ROFT Technology is the world’s most innovative and leading technology transforming the ordinary composting process. In only 3 hours, ROFT rapidly turns your awful head-ache chicken waste into premium value excellent organic fertilizer for your daily farming needs.

4 Selling Points

1. Super FAST
In: Chicken Manure -> 3 Hrs -> Out: Premium Organic Fertilizer
2. Ultra GREEN
Zero Pollution Without Bad Smell/Waste-Water/CO*2
3. Always SAFE
Pathogen-free Premium Organic Fertilizer
4. Supreme QUALITY
Premium Organic Fertilizer With High N-P-K Content

Traditional composting vs. Rapid Organic Fertilizer transform technology

Disadvantages of Composting - Time-consuming

ROFT technology- Immediate enzymatic decomposition using specific degradation enzymes

Disadvantages of Composting - CO2 emission

ROFT technology – Abundant enzymes to lower energy requirement and speed up reaction

Disadvantages of Composting -Labor intensive

ROFT technology – Automated rotation

Disadvantages of Composting - Incomplete pathogen eradication

ROFT technology – Temperature control

Disadvantages of Composting - Odor emission

ROFT technology – Aeration